Preference #101: You get hurt.

  • Louis: Messing around with the rest of the lads, you were playing a really aggressive game of football. You were on the opposite team of Louis. You were running to tackle him, when out of now where, Harry tackled you. There was a crunch sound as soon as you hit the ground. You let out a small whimper. "Oh my god," Harry breathed, moving away from you. "Harry, you dick!" Louis yelled as the everyone gathered around you. "What hurts, babe?" he asked, his hands rubbing your arms. "My ankle." you say through clenched teeth. "I'm really sorry, [Y/N]! I didn't-" Harry started after Zayn punched him the arm. "It's okay. It was an accident." Louis then picks you up bridal style and carries you back to the hotel. A little later, a doctor comes and treats your ankle, which is broken. "I'm sorry babe." Lou frowns but you shake your head. He forced Harry to be your slave for a week.
  • Zayn: Most of the time, when Zayn and you went out, he never really greeted fans unless they came face to face with you. He always said that when you were with him, he wanted to be completely focused on you. One night after a lovely dinner, you exit to find the place swarming with teenage girls. One of the waiters had tipped off a fan and they came by the thousands. The police were having trouble holding them back and you and Zayn were in the thick the crowd. Zayn's hand grasped yours but it wasn't enough to hold up as a fan tripped you. "Bitch," she muttered loud enough for the both of you to hear. Zayn helped you up, seeing you had landed on a rock and blood was rushing all over your leg. "You-" he started but you quickly cut him off. "Zayn, please. Not now. Can we just get to the hospital?" you asked and he nodded, placing your arm around his shoulders so he could carry most of your weight. The crowd backed off, seeing how upset Zayn was. About three hours later you were at home, five stitches in your leg, and ice cream in your head; you were cuddled into Zayn's side. At first, he tweeted an angry tweet, saying how disgusted he was. Then, deleted that one and went with, "please respect my girlfriend. i love her a lot and hate it when she gets hurt.'
  • Liam: You were making tea for you and Liam before you settled down and watched a movie. Except, you weren't exactly paying attention when you were pouring the hot water into the cups and poured in all over yourself. You screamed and Liam was there in seconds. "[Y/N]!" he half laughs and then picks you up and starts a cold bath. He gingerly helps you out of your wet clothes, even stripping down himself and getting in before you so he can hold you as you cool your burn. He lets you lean against him as he whispers soothing things into your ear.
  • Niall: You and Niall were messing around. He laid on the couch and you were to run and jump to him. However, he moved at the wrong time, his knee making hard contact with your stomach, knocking the breath out of you. You rolled off him, gasping for breath. "Princess?" panic suddenly flooding throw him. You give him a thumbs up to prove that you're okay. "I'm sorry." he says, raising your arms above your head and placing apologetic kisses all over your face. "So, so sorry." he mumbles against the skin. Soon you catch your breath and forgive him.
  • Harry: You and Harry tried to go out to the movies but when you came out, paparazzi surrounded you two. He tightly had his arm around your waist, trying to get you to the car. But one pap was determined to get a picture of Harry. So determined that he knocked you out of the way. Within seconds, Harry was kneeling down next to you. "Are you okay, love?" he asked but you had locked your knee when you were push, thus dislocating it. "My knee." you tell him and he glares at the man. "You fucking prick! What the hell is wrong with her? You've hurt her!" the man is too stunned by Harry's outburst to move. A few others take pictures of the incident as he picks you up and takes you to the car. "I'm sorry he did that, love." Then you two drive to the hospital.
  • Josh: You were visiting Josh's hometown with him, you two were waiting for your food when a girl randomly came up to you and slapped you right across the face. You were so shocked you just stood there, mouth and eyes wide open. Josh yelled something at her before quickly pulling you out of the restaurant and into his car. He gently cradled your cheek and smiled apologetically at you. "I am so sorry, baby. I went out with that girl briefly and-" he stopped and took a deep breath. "There's no excuse. I'm sorry." He spend the whole day fawning over you.